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"I felt her nipple, from above the cloth, where my elbow had collided"

My wife's colleague and best friend lives in the same building as ours, and she's a good friend of mine. One day at around ten in the night I went to her place to pick a book that I had forgotten there. She was drowsy when she opened the door, was sleeping. I murmured an apology and bent to pick the book from the side table, and she also bent at the same time. At the same instant two things happened, her gown was not ties tightly and it fell open from the top, exposing her lushy breasts, and my elbow brushed her breast as we both bent down. We both jerked up, her sleep was completely forgotten, and I was embarrassed, didn't know what to say. Her gown open from the top, now, exposing her shoulders and top of her breast, and her nipples poking out through the cloth, she didn't have a bra.

Without realising what I am up to I asked if she was hurt, and felt her nipple, from above the cloth, where my elbow had collided. Suddenly I realised what I was doing, and was more embarrassed, but at the same time turned on a bit, and she also stiffened under my touch, but didn't move away. Getting bold, I moved towards her, took both her boobs in my palms and started pumping slowly, fingering her nipples, above the cloth. We both knew now there was no turning back. I slid my hands beneath her gown, her naked tits in my hands, and felt my hard-on poking my shorts. I pressed and pumped her breasts, pinching her nipples a bit, and she started to sway and moan. I took her in my arms, she put her arms around my head, brought my face down on her, and we started a deep kiss, emitting slurping noises, with the door still open. Anybody passing by could've seen us, my wife could've barged in anytime, but we were getting hot just by those anticipations.

I removed her gown completely, kissed her whole body, ate her boobs and clit and cunt until she was shaking and jerking madly, moaning hard. I sat her on the couch, opened her legs, ate her pussy and tongue fucked her until shot her cum on my face. Then I got my t-shirt and shorts off, and rubbed my cock a couple of times on her tits, but there was no time, anybody could've come, most likely my wife, so we had to hurry. She took my cock in her mouth and sucked hard. I was about to cum when I jerked my cock out of her mouth, shoved her onto the ground, and entered her pussy in one fluid motion. I fucked her hard, and she surprisingly came very soon again, be fore I could cum and shoot my load. I could never believe that without any planning, totally out of the blue, within five minutes I had fucked my wife's best friend, and she had shown all her desires for it, which I never before knew existed. We never did it again, so far, but at times when we are alone we share our secret date with a glint in the eyes. We might do it someday again, but we both know that I love my wife dearly and will never leave her, but a little adventure never does any harm.

"To hear her make noise like an animal and love to be whored"

I knew my wife was cheating. I saw old letters from her lover with the things they did. I thought it was all in the past. But no, the phone calls came, the letters continued, and then he came to see her in our city. I thought she would not invite him to our place, but no, she did. I wanted to witness it, so I hid under the bed. It's sooooo wicked to see your wife raise her legs and get fucked, to hear her make noise like an animal and love to be whored. I saw everything and came all over myself.

"Voluptuously plump and pouty"

She was voluptuously plump, pouty and married to my best friend. She grabbed me as I stepped in the washroom and had her tongue in my mouth and her hand in my pants before I could even blink. By the time I did, she was on her knees and had my semi-soft penis in her mouth. As I roughly felt her breasts, her mouth worked fast and finished me off.


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