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Nurse Sex

"My mouth reached the dark thick curls"

I am a doctor working in hospital in the UK. I am married, 28 and I am from India. A very lovely looking student nurse joined our ward. Her name was Lilah and she was from Ireland she was beautiful and so young (20 years old) and petite, about 5'2", wiht lovely skin. I got a hard on from the first day I saw her. My wife being in India with her parents on vacation didn't help the situation. One night when I was on call I met her in am empty treatment room. She was wearing a one-piece white tunic which ended just above her knees. She looked so hot. I couldn't speak and I couldn't stop myself. I just started kissing her. She didn't stop me. I lifted her up onto the table and lifted the edge of her dress up. Lovely smooth thighs came into view. I knelt and kissed her thighs. I could see her white thong, and I tore it off and my mouth reached the dark thick curls. Her pussy was hot and wet and tasted heavenly. I couldn't hold on any longer. I stood up and unzipped myself. My thick cock was hard and ready. I held on to her slim shoulders and shoved my cock in. I started moving faster and faster, and deeper. She was moaning. I couldn't hold back any longer and I emptied my load into her. I spurted so much that my legs felt like jelly. We both were sweating like animals and still hadn't said a word to each other. We both dressed and left. That was the best fuck of my far.

"Her large boobs popped out instantly like rockets"

This happened when I was doing my internship in heart surgery. One day I met a new nurse in the ward. I was also new to that ward. She was a nice looking girl in her early twenties. Her medium sized body, sparkling eyes and beautiful face attracted me. For a moment our eyes met. After that we started meeting very often. One day while moving in the duty room she rubbed her good-sized breasts against me. After that we became more close friends and started spending more time in the duty room at night. Once it was midnight and I could not see her in the duty room. When I searched, I saw her sitting alone in the post-operative intensive care room with the lights off. There were no patients in the room. I went up to her and kissed her. She wouldn't let me pull away. She moved my hands slowly onto her face. I started feeling hot inside. I started squeezing her breasts, which she initially objected to, but soon allowed and started enjoying.

My cock was fully up and very hard by this time. It was almost painful. I started undoing the top buttons and released the hook of her bra. Her large boobs popped out instantly like rockets. By this time her tits were already very hard. I just started sucking her tits like anything. It was very soft and nice. Now she also started getting excited and hot. She started murmuring and pressing my face hard on her chest and rubbing. Then she slowly passed her hand on my chest and put it inside my shirt. She tickled my tummy also. I slowly passed my hand over her thigh, lifting off her skirt which she readily allowed. I pulled her panties down and passed my hand inside, over her hot pussy. She moved her legs apart and I could easily slide my fingers over her clit. It was wet like mad juice was pouring. I put my thumb inside her which made her wriggle with joy. She squeezed my thumb inside her. She started hugging and kissing me like crazy. By this time her panties were on the floor and also her skirt. I just pulled my pants down and brought out my cock from the underwear. I placed my cock in her hands. She ran her hands all up and down it, then pulled me toward her. She pulled my cock inside her slippery hot pussy as I grabbed onto her hips. She moved against me with my cock inside her and covered my face with kisses. Soon I came strongly with her pussy gripped around me. Her face was sheer ecstasy. Then we heard someone coming near the room and had to get our clothes into place. But we met there again often.

"I unzipped myself and I relieved my engorged dick from its constraints"

I am a married doctor from India working in England. One day in the ward I noticed a new student nurse, small and petite but very pretty, with dark hair and a lovely figure. I kept staring at her lovely shapely legs under the white uniform which ended just above her knees. I got a hard on just by looking at her. I was on during the night shift and at around 3 am when she went in to a store room to get some things, I followed her in. she was bending taking some things out of a cabinet. I saw her juicy ass and unzipped myself and relieved my engorged dick from its constraints. I held it in one hand, lifted her dress and shoved my dick in between her thighs and her panties, finding her pussy lips hot and wet. I held onto her hair as I entered her again and again, hard and thumping into her. she never even turned and I kept pumping and came into her shouting her name, "Moira." After I came, I zipped myself, left the room, and continued my work.

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